We are +20 highly skilled professionals passionate by New Media and Startup Advisory.

We work as partners of our clients’ team sharing our experience, creativity and commitment.

Lorenzo D'Amelio CEO

Lorenzo D'Amelio

CEO & Founder I Digital Strategist

Gisella Gallenca - Web Strategist

Gisella Gallenca

Web Strategist

Nicholas Bena - Web Marketer

Nicholas Bena

Web Marketer

Marta Deiro - Web Designer

Marta Deiro

Web Designer

Fulvio Marengo - Business Advisor

Fulvio Marengo

Business Advisor

Silvio Luchetti - Nft Advisor

Silvio Luchetti

NFT Advisor

Flavio Coffano

Creative Director

Simona Calabrese Tax & Startup Advisor

Simona Calabrese

Tax & Startup Advisor

«Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless»
Gary Vee
Xavier Claro - Creative Designer

Xavier Claro

Creative Designer

Deborah Gilmore - English Copywriter

Deborah Gilmore

English Copywriter

Flavio Accossato - Graphic Designer

Flavio Accossato

Graphic Designer

Claudio Colombo - SEO Specialist

Claudio Colombo

SEO Specialist

Gerg Tamasi - Digital Analyst

Gerg Tamasi

Digital Analyst

Giulio Pedretti - Videomaker

Giulio Pedretti


Maria Letizia Prandi - Web Designer

Maria Letizia Prandi

Web Designer

Valerio Casale - Videomaker

Valerio Casale


Matteo Montaldo - Photographer

Matteo Montaldo


Miriam Carraretto - Press Officer

Miriam Carraretto

Journalist & Communication Strategist

Andrea Censoni - Startup Advisor

Andrea Censoni

Startup Advisor

Matteo Zin - Videomaker

Matteo Zin

Photographer & Videomaker

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